Jessica, BC


I’ve made a few rollers and the sprays that you suggested for my baby’s eczema, and it has been amazingly supportive. I’ve also been diffusing Serenity in my older sons room (he is special needs and this includes sleep disorder). I don’t think I have ever seen him consistently sleep so well. We were just away for a few days and I didn’t bring the diffuser, which was a disaster, so it is first on my packing list for our upcoming trip!
I’m a very sceptical person so I really wasn’t sure if I believed the “hype” but I’m glad I tried it. I’ve been slowly reading and trying to learn more.

I’ve been with DōTERRA since May and it started because my 3 year old and 1 year old were always sick. From September until March my little guy was on antibiotics 7 times (SEVEN!!!).
My daughter had been to the emergency room at four weeks and again at eight weeks due to an extremely bad cold. Since starting to use and diffuse Onguard and the immunity blend- neither of my kids have been sick!!!

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