Alice Ontario


I use to get colds that turned into high fevers, and I’d be in bed for days on end, at least 4x a year! I couldn’t afford to be off work so I’d take lots of meds to get rid of the fever (which was horrible) and I was delirious even at times! And then came dōTERRA…..oil of oregano changed my life…I don’t love it, its not a pretty smell, not a nice taste….but its nothing short of a miracle! I take it often and I’ve not been sick in 2 years, and im around sick people ALL the time (im a Registered Massage Therapist -RMT). Deep Blue rub is also an important oil/product in my life, as an RMT I love to use it on my patients! I’d use it across their shoulders, and it ended up helping ME and my hands!! I use to have to stick my hands in ice water between patients so that they weren’t giant, swollen messes! But after using the Deep Blue on my patients, I no longer had to use the ice water anymore and could massage and work all day long because my hands weren’t sore and inflamed!

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