The Ripple Affect… My Journey 

 In essential oils

Three years ago I followed my intuition and my nose, and purchased my first essential oils from a dear friend who knew I needed them. This decision would change the course of my life, and I will forever be grateful!

As I slowly got to know these beautiful, magical little bottles full of plant medicine, I started to have a shift in perspective. I thought to myself, “if these amazing oils are absorbing into my skin, and into my lungs as as I diffuse, and getting inside my cells and helping my body to do all the things its suppose to do (which is amazing!) then what ELSE is absorbing into my skin, what ELSE am I breathing into my lungs?? (panic face!!!).

I’m a health conscious nurse and mom to three beautiful babies, and I had to think about them and their little developing bodies and brains! It made me stop and think about all of the things I had in my home: candles, scented lotion, parabens in my body products, over the counter meds, the foods we ate, the list goes on.  Slowly, one by one,  I began to experiment with making my own DIY projects and replacing things in my home with dōTerra essential oils!  Im happy to report that three years later our home is basically “scent and toxin free”.  My mission has become to empower, educate and share these incredible gifts with others, because when we know better, we do better, period!! 

With the help of my beautiful, heart-lead team, and the ripple affect, we have helped over 5,000 people get the oils into their homes. I cannot tell you how happy this makes my heart. I am SO grateful to everything dōTerra has brought into my life!

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