My Super Power, Plant Medicine…

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If you are new to dōTerra you may not know that these are the highest quality essential oils in the WORLD, and they are literally plant medicine.  I’m a nurse, and I admit, I used to be a pill pusher! Advil and Tylenol for everyone, for every thing! But when I learned about these little magic bottles of plant medicine, I started to do some more research.
I like science, it makes sense, I like to know how and why, before I understand things. So after much research (and let me tell you there is a TON out there) I realized that essential oils aren’t “hippy dippy voodoo magic”, they are actually science… yup, it’s true!
You don’t need to understand HOW they work to understand that they DO work! It was only a few days into my oiling that I had my first “AHA” moment (got rid of my headache in 3.5 seconds). But of course it was just a “coincidence”… Fast forward a few months and countless “AHA” moments later, and I was totally convinced that these worked, and very well.
I love what Dr. Hill (doTerra founder) said the last time I heard him speak, he said, “We can’t do everything with the oils, but we can always do something.” That, my friends, is SO TRUE!  These magic bottles are my tools in my mommy tool box, my home pharmacy, and I’m proud to say that now, they are my first “go-to” when anyone in my home is in need!  How helpless do you feel, as a Mom when your child wakes up crying at 2am (its always 2am isn’t it), and has a tummy ache, ear ache, sore throat, growing pains, a headache, or is puking, etc. We, the gate keepers of our families health, spring into action.
Before oils, what did I have other than a cool wash cloth, some meds and a snuggle? Sure, those are great, but do you know what is better!? OILS….oils are better, they are there to help you, help your loved ones in ANY way that they need. How empowering is that!?  There is always an oil that I can use that will help in some way shape or form. I can DO SOMETHING, I am no longer helpless just waiting for it to pass, I can take action, and let me tell you, these little beauties have never failed me in my 3 years! dōTerra has nearly 100 oils and there is literally an oil for everything. They don’t just treat the symptoms or mask the pain, they actually get down to the root of the cause (i.e.: killing viruses, or bacteria) and take action by helping our body to do what it is supposed to do. They work together to get sh*t done! Isn’t that absolutely amazing? Nature is brilliant.
So that, my friends, is my favourite thing about the oils, they are totally my super power!

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