My Daily ōil Routine!!

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Where would I be without my oils!? I think of my life as “before oils” and “after oils”, and I cannot tell you how thankful I am for these amazing tools. These oils are literally my home pharmacy and I like to call them “plant medicine,” because lets be honest, that is exactly what they are!  I get the question a lot from new oilers, “how do you use your oils on a daily basis.” I’m not going to lie, it is totally a process of incorporating them into your life, one drop, one oil at a time. Stop and think, “can I use an oil for that!?” and likely the answer is yes.  Here is an average day in the life of me: RN, mom of three, and health conscious woman in her mid-30’s (‘ish).

I wake up, after diffusing oils beside my bed all night, I usually start the day with at least one baby in my bed! HA!  Make coffee, then start the diffuser in my living area, I always pick something up-lifting and energizing, like wild orange and peppermint, lemon or citrus bliss, usually citrus or mint of sorts. Around breakfast time (after all coffee is consumed) I take my Life Long Vitality vitamins (LLV) and my DDR prime (the cellular complex blend), and late morning I start drinking my water with citrus. The citrus oils are so wonderful at cleansing and pulling toxins that may be in our body, also spearmint or peppermint can be energizing or refreshing or help with upset tummy. Drinking oils in my water makes me drink more water (I admit I’m bad at drinking it- I’m never thirsty!). I try to carry my stainless steal container with me throughout the day, mixing up my oil of choice, just 1-3 drops is all you need! Before my kids head out the door they ALWAYS get oiled up with our immunity roller. My favourite immunity blend is Ongaurd, Arborvitae, and Frankincense!  I feel that this creates an immunity bubble around them and helps get rid of anything yucky they come into contact with (kids can be gross).  My morning shower or hygiene practices always include all things dō, from the body wash, to the body butter, to the toothpaste, to the face care regimen. I love that everything is “clean” and I don’t even need to think twice about what I’m putting on my body!  Before I leave the house, or after the morning craze has settled, I usually choose a mood blend, my “pure-fume”. This has totally replaced my perfume!  I always chose this blend intuitively, standing over my oil box, seeing what I’m drawn too, which is different every single day! I truly believe our body knows what it needs and so I let that guide me.  Today, for example, it was whisper, grapefruit and sandalwood. Why? I have no idea, because it smelled amazing to me and I was drawn to it, I don’t question these things, they make me feel good, end of story!  I often re-apply 3-4x a day a blend on my wrists, neck and over my heart. This not only smells amazing, but is good for me. Amazing right!? I carry oils in my purse, the diaper bag, in my car… they are everywhere!

I’m taking my second dose of LLV vitamins. These not only give my body what it needs nutritionally, but it gives me energy (hello, 3 kids here and a bumpin’ home biz, I need energy!). If I’m feeling like I’m catching something or come into contact with sick people, I’ll pop one of my Ongaurd soft gels (the immunity blend) or just do a shot of it from the oil! When I say a shot, I mean 1-3 drops in a bit of water, and down the hatch, repeat every few hours to stay on top of things!  Fast forward to the kids coming home from school, I throw in something calming in the diffuser to slow them down, balance or anchor are favourites of mine.

Moving into dinner, I often incorporate the oils into my cooking! Salad dressings, marinades, sauces, soups… so versatile! (rosemary, basil, oregano, coriander, cilantro, lemon, lime, lemongrass…and then there is baking with oils, I could go on…).  After dinner my kids ALWAYS have a bath with essential oils, it’s such a beautiful way to calm them and get them ready for bedtime, plus, if baby has a diaper rash or someone has a boo-boo or a rash or a bug bite, good old lavender, roman chamomile, tea tree or frankincense are always, always supportive (tip: add oils then water to bath!)  If I forget, I get in trouble because these kids were literally raised with oils (LOVE).

Moving to story time/bedtime, we ALL have diffusers in our rooms, and you better believe they come with us on vacation too, ha! If my kids are fighting something onguard and frankincense go in the diffuser, maybe some breathe/easy-air. But if not, then I let them chose! Kids are SO intuitive with the oils, and they love them, so I always encourage them to pick what they are drawn too.  My son almost always chooses balance or peace, and my daughter loves the “purple ones”, lavender and serenity! If you haven’t already, empower your children to use the oils that speak to them. Sweet dreams babies (thank you oils!!!).
My morning and night face care regimen is always the Verage system- doTerra’s plant based skin care line- the oils chosen promote cell and skin repair and rejuvenation  (yes please!). I also am obsessed with the onguard toothpaste, it’s so refreshing and the oils in there help to kill the bacteria that causes cavities, and prevents tooth decay without the use of fluoride!
Wrapping up the day I diffuse in the living room or while I finish up some work, just calm myself or settle into bedtime mode.   There is never a night I don’t diffuse, I love it, it makes me sleep better, it makes me feel good and its good for me! Diffusing helps my body while I sleep, in so many ways (hello self care).
So there is a taste of my day, I didn’t even get into my laundry, cleaning products and my DIY goodies I have scattered ALL over the home! Check my facebook group out for my daily living oil tips and tricks! I hope this helps you on your journey, its an amazing and empowering way to live, and plus everyone just smells plain delicious!

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