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We are really fun, I promise! Never have I ever met such a beautiful group of caring, compassionate and heart-lead woman!

We just LOVE our oils, and want to share and help others, that’s pretty much all there is to it!  Your vibe very much attracts your tribe! If you LOVE oils and the idea of helping and supporting other people to also live this beautiful oily life style, are heart lead and want to be a total boss babe, and work around your family, then this team is totally for you!! 

We have helped to launch and support many many woman, and help to fulfill their goals and desires with dōTERRA! This is your business and its up to you what you want from it, it is what YOU make it!! I will meet you in the middle, hold space for you and support you through this journey!  My husband and I now work together from home doing dōTERRA (he retired recently so he could join me), and after 2 years we reached the rank of Diamond! Our organization is almost 5,000 strong and growing every single day! It amazes me how many people we have been able to help and how many lives have changed all because we fell in love with the oils and decided to spread the word and help others!  On top of beautiful oils, dōTERRA is a beautiful heart-lead company, and I cannot imagine doing anything else! To work alongside people you love and consider your very best friends, who align with your vision and values is pretty amazing!  If you would like to learn more about the opportunities dōTERRA has, have questions, or want to pick my brain…then please contact me and lets chat! Ask Me More!

The Ladies!

Erin Lemon

Brooke Issa

Annika Buckle

Jamie Thiele

Brianne Hurdal

Larae Ravenstei

Michelle White

Lindsey Graham

Oil Loving Nurse




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