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It’s a very common question…How much? How many drops!? The thing with diluting is that there is no real “right” answer…it all depends on many things! Sensitive skin? Size of the roller, is it a hot oil? how old are they, etc. Charts can be a helpful guideline for some…others find them confusing!!
💞Here is something to remember….”skin sensitivity” is the main issue…if skin gets pink, red, and the ōil feels too warm or hot , then you need to add more carrier oil- dilute further…that’s it!!! Start low and go slow…you can always add more! Use your intuition with your oils, get to know the oils and how they are on you and your family’s skin🤗
💞Know that our body will use what it needs and get rid of what it doesn’t need. We CANNOT overdose on medical grade EO’s, they do not build up in our organs like meds!!
💞Here is what I go by for my family to give you an idea…between 30-45+ drops in a roller for an adult …my 5yo & 7yo get about 15-20 drops in theirs…my 15mo gets around 5-10 (if it’s a hot ōil less)….no one in my family has sensitive skin and I’ve never had an issue in 3+ years👌🏻
💞DōTerra won’t give a standard recommended amount for everyone for every age…that’s why we have ōily support people to help us until we are confident! Because there really is no “right” amount (i know this drives people bananas that like to follow recipes lol)
💞So get to know your oils, and don’t be scared, just don’t put oregano in your eye and you’re golden!😘
🌱Happy ōiling!!!

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