Hi, I’m happy you are here! Whether you’re an advanced ōiler, or brand new to essential oils, you are in the right place! My goal is to help support you on your dōTERRA journey, so that you feel confident incorporating the oils into your everyday life! These “gifts of the earth” are such a beautiful tool to use to support the health and wellness of you and your loved ones! dōTERRA has over 80 single oils and blends, so no matter what you are hoping to support, these oils are here and ready to help!

I’m so excited for you, lets get ōiling!

A Little About Me …

My name is Amber Adams, otherwise known as “the oil loving nurse.” I’m a wife, Mother to three beautiful children (whom I oil all day long), and have been a Registered Nurse for the past 10 years. I truly feel that my passion has met my purpose, and am so blessed to be able to blend my two loves into one – nursing and essential oils!! My passion is helping others, and dōTERRA allows me to do this, in more ways than one!




There are many Essential oil companies out there, they are all jumping on the band wagon! But there is a reason the hospitals chose dōTERRA and that over 4.5 million people world wide are using them to support their health and wellness!


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  • I have chronic heart burn that I used to treat with tums. I now use a mix of digest zen and wild orange. When I start to feel the burn I swipe my roller across my stomach and within seconds I get relief.

    A lovely person at work passed me “the plague” that had been going around at work. Rumor was people had been out of work for at least 5-7 days. I felt it coming on and immediately mixed up the flu bomb (onguard, frankincense, oregano, melaleuca, lemon) put it in a shot glass with water and down the hatch it went. I went straight to bed to sleep it off and amazingly woke up 4 hours later, later I found out it was because the oils were wearing off, and did another shot and passed back out. I repeated this a total of 3 times. It was then I realized I had kicked the funk in less than 24 hours!

    Heidi, Salem Oregon
  • My husband moved here to Oregon from Canada, and had never experienced seasonal allergies. When spring hit here he had a HORRIBLE reaction every year. He was taking two antihistamines and it still wasn’t under control. During one of his massive sneezing fits (think sneezing 50 times in a row) I rolled my new allergy roller of lemon, lavender and peppermint oil on the back of his neck and his forehead. He had instant relief and there wasn’t one more sneeze. Needless to say my skeptical hubby became a believer. He hasn’t taken an antihistamine once this year!!

    Jamie, Salem Oregon
  • I was feeling fairly irritated and angry and I went to my oils and looked around at them all and was drawn to cardamom. I used it “neat” on my temples, and breathed it in. I relaxed and began to feel relaxed and completely happy. Later I looked it up in Emotions and Oils book and what do you think? Cardamom is used for anger. Whatever was going on… I knew oils were it for me.

    Martha, Victoria BC
  • These 2 photos (not shown due to privacy reasons) are of the official Fraser Health reports of my sick time use, the one on the left is for 2015, I started using dōTERRA right at the end of that year, and the one on the right is for 2016, a significant difference in sick time usage!!! And in my opinion, this has made such a difference to my job and work, as an operating room nurse I always hated calling in sick because I knew our department was already short of nurses, but I was unwilling to expose my colleagues and most importantly the vulnerable patients to whatever sickness I had gotten from my kids!! On Guard has changed our lives!!!

    Brenda Pitt Meadows, BC
  • I’ve made a few rollers and the sprays that you suggested for my baby’s eczema, and it has been amazingly supportive. I’ve also been diffusing Serenity in my older sons room (he is special needs and this includes sleep disorder). I don’t think I have ever seen him consistently sleep so well. We were just away for a few days and I didn’t bring the diffuser, which was a disaster, so it is first on my packing list for our upcoming trip!
    I’m a very sceptical person so I really wasn’t sure if I believed the “hype” but I’m glad I tried it. I’ve been slowly reading and trying to learn more.

    I’ve been with DōTERRA since May and it started because my 3 year old and 1 year old were always sick. From September until March my little guy was on antibiotics 7 times (SEVEN!!!).
    My daughter had been to the emergency room at four weeks and again at eight weeks due to an extremely bad cold. Since starting to use and diffuse Onguard and the immunity blend- neither of my kids have been sick!!!

    Jessica, BC
  • For years, I struggled to manage dry, itchy or watery eyes as a result of seasonal allergies. After not even two days of using my oils (lemon, lavender and peppermint), I passed by my arch nemesis of someone mowing their lawn. I thought to myself “oh no I can’t avoid it”. To my delight and surprise, no reaction. No watery eyes, no instant congestion. No longer am I known as the lady who always has tissues in her purse.

    Leah, North Vancouver
  • I use to get colds that turned into high fevers, and I’d be in bed for days on end, at least 4x a year! I couldn’t afford to be off work so I’d take lots of meds to get rid of the fever (which was horrible) and I was delirious even at times! And then came dōTERRA…..oil of oregano changed my life…I don’t love it, its not a pretty smell, not a nice taste….but its nothing short of a miracle! I take it often and I’ve not been sick in 2 years, and im around sick people ALL the time (im a Registered Massage Therapist -RMT). Deep Blue rub is also an important oil/product in my life, as an RMT I love to use it on my patients! I’d use it across their shoulders, and it ended up helping ME and my hands!! I use to have to stick my hands in ice water between patients so that they weren’t giant, swollen messes! But after using the Deep Blue on my patients, I no longer had to use the ice water anymore and could massage and work all day long because my hands weren’t sore and inflamed!

    Alice Ontario